Our Services

 How Do We Help Our Clients

Cornerstone Financial Strategies Inc. is a professional firm working exclusively with mature senior investors to help protect their financial assets and standard of living.
Estate Planning -- We show you how to help mitigate estate taxes, which are paid by the deceased’s estate when in excess of $5 million. Even if you have a living trust your estate in excess of the exclusion amount may still be subject to estate tax unless you take steps to minimize this exposure.
 Long Term Care protection or qualification for Medicaid -- We act as brokers (not salespeople) to help find you the best fitted coverage within your budget for long term care protection. 
Investment Management -- Make the appropriate investment choices given your tolerance for risk.
Retirement Planning -- Ways to invest and distribution strategies for IRAs, Rollovers and Pensions.
Annuities and Insurance -- To help shelter assets and defray taxes.
Educational Seminars-- Educates seniors about their alternatives and pitfalls to avoids. We holds seminars weekly in New Jersey. Please call for time and location.